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Tec Diving

The ABCDs of Technical Diving

The foundational ABCDs of technical diving — Awareness, Buoyancy control, Communications and Discipline — are vitally important on every dive.

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Do Solo Diving and Technical Diving Mix?

Mention solo diving to any group of divers and you’ll get a strong reaction. But what about solo diving and technical diving — do they ever mix? And if so, how do you stay safe?

Tec Diving Training

Zero to Hero Technical Dive Training — Does it Work?

Going from “zero to hero” as a diver means moving from an Open Water diver to a professional in a very short space of time. But how does it work in the tech diving world?

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Five Off-the-Radar Tech Dives

Most tech divers have heard of famous sites like the Andrea Doria or the Britannic, but there are plenty more off-the-radar tech dives. Here are five of the best.

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diving in pulau weh

Best Scuba Diving in Pulau Weh

Although you may not have heard of it, the scuba diving in Pulau Weh, Indonesia, makes the trek to this tiny island well worthwhile.
by Guest Author
dive Mexico

Five Great Reasons to Dive Mexico This Winter

It’s is one of the best diving destinations in the world, with highlights like Socorro Island and the Sea of Cortez. Here are five great reasons to dive Mexico this winter.
Bob Halstead

Dive Legend Bob Halstead Passes Away

The dive community lost a legend in December when prolific author and photographer Bob Halstead passed away.
by Deborah Dickson-Smith
Gili islands

Diving the Gili Islands After the 2018 Earthquakes

Lombok and the Gili Islands are bouncing back after the devastating 2018 earthquakes and are anxious to welcome visitors once again.
by Deborah Dickson-Smith