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Diving Accidents
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Training Fundamentals: How to Avoid Diving Accidents

Scuba diving is statistically very safe, but as with any adventurous activity, there are risks. What’s the best way to avoid diving accidents?

Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks
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World’s Best Places to Snorkel or Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks

Seeing a whale shark while underwater is on nearly every diver’s bucket list. Here’s where you’ll have the best chance to snorkel or scuba dive with whale sharks.

Scuba Diving
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Sensory Experiences When Scuba Diving

You’re at the dive center, mask and fins in hand, ready to take your first ocean dive. Here’s what to expect the first time you go scuba diving.

Night Dive
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Five Great Night Dive Experiences

After the sun goes down it’s a whole new world underwater. Here are five great night dive experiences you don’t want to miss.

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Scuba Dive in the United States

Top Places to Scuba Dive in the United States

We may think we’ve got to travel great distances for great dives, but there are plenty of exceptional sites in our own backyard. Here are some of the top places to dive in the United States.
by Christine Brinkley
Scuba Gear

Five Top Hacks to Make Scuba Gear More Affordable

With gear and travel, diving can be quite an expensive hobby. Here are five top hacks to make scuba diving more affordable for you.
by Guest Author Matt Testoni
Common Dolphin Species

Five Common Dolphin Species

Dolphins are among everyone’s favorite marine animals, living in all the world’s oceans. Here are five of the most common dolphin species
by Hélène Reynaud
Technical Diving

The ABCDs of Technical Diving

The foundational ABCDs of technical diving — Awareness, Buoyancy control, Communications and Discipline — are vitally important on every dive.
by Yvonne Press