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southern california sea life
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A Beginner’s Guide to Southern California Sea Life

Beneath the waves lies a wonderland — Southern California sea life inhabits a magical realm, including forests, canyons and caves. Here are some highlights.

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Dive Site: Millers Point, South Africa

The South African Cape is well known for fabulous dive sites thanks to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Miller’s Point is one such site.

Kastom Shark cave
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The Cave of the Kastom Shark

The island of Munda, in the Solomon Islands’ Western Province, offers plentiful diverse dive sites, including the Cave of the Kastom Shark.

Portland Underwater Curiosity Park
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Diving the Portland Underwater Curiosity Park

The Portland Underwater Curiosity Park in Castletown, Portland, U.K. combines interesting manmade artifacts with a wreck.

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Tulagi: the Perfect Choice for Rust and Reefs

Cross the famous watery graveyard of Iron Bottom Sound from Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, and you’ll find a hidden gem for lovers of wrecks and reefs: Tulagi.
by Deborah Dickson-Smith
dive limits

Training Fundamentals: Following Recommended Dive Limits

Each qualification has recommended dive limits for depth or activity. Why are the limits there? Why is it wise to follow them?
by Marcus Knight
diving fix

How to Get Your Diving Fix While on Lockdown

If, like us, you’re spending most of your time at home right now, there are still ways get your diving fix — and stay connected to the rest of the diving community.
by Yvonne Press
cleaning dive gear

Cleaning Dive Gear in Times of Covid-19

When it comes to cleaning dive gear, our biggest worry is usually removing saltwater. As the world tries to slow the spread of Covid 19, keeping gear clean has taken on a whole new meaning.
by Yvonne Press