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Rebreather Diving
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An Introduction to Rebreather Diving

In the latest in our series on how to get started and progress through technical diving, we offer an introduction to rebreather diving and what makes it special.

Novice Diver
In the Water Training

Training Timeline: From a Novice Diver to a Divemaster

New divers may feel they should wait for a time before progressing through the diving certifications. How long should it take to go from a novice diver to a divemaster?

PADI specialties
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Most Challenging PADI Specialties

Leaving your comfort zone (in gradual and controlled circumstances) can make you a better diver. What are the most challenging PADI specialties to help you grow?

Ear Barotrauma
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Training Fundamentals: Ear Barotrauma

The most common scuba diving-related injury is ear barotrauma. Why does it happen, and how can you avoid it?

New stuff
Undersuit for Your Drysuit

Choosing an Undersuit for Your Drysuit

Choosing an undersuit for your drysuit requires careful selection to keep you snug and warm. What should you look for?
by Richard Devanney
Dive with Grey Nurse Sharks

Top Five Places to Dive with Grey Nurse Sharks in NSW Australia

Here are our picks for the top five places to dive with grey nurse sharks in New South Wales, Australia
by Guest Author
ocean’s fastest animals

The Ocean’s Fastest Animals

Like the cheetah on land, some marine animals are capable of reaching impressive speeds. What are the ocean’s fastest animals?
by Guest Author Lauren Feather

What Makes Paralenz the Best Underwater Action Camera for Divers?

The Paralenz Dive Camera was one of 2017’s biggest innovations in underwater videography. What makes it so special?
by Press Release