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Possible Causes of Scuba Diving Accidents

Three main factors account for most possible causes of scuba diving accidents: human error, equipment failure, and the environment.

surface signaling devices

Training Fundamentals: Best Surface Signaling Devices for Divers

Surface signaling devices are an essential piece of diving equipment. In what circumstances might you use one and what options are available?

fitness for scuba diving
Health Training

Physical and Mental Fitness for Scuba Diving

During training, all divers learn the importance of physical and mental fitness for scuba diving, but how does that translate to real life when many people dive only once or twice a year on vacation?

self-reliant diver
In the Water Training

The Importance of Being a Self-Reliant Diver

Becoming a self-reliant diver is an important skill, regardless of whether you plan to dive unguided any time in the future.

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Paralenz Vaquita

New Paralenz Vaquita Turns Regular Divers into Citizen Scientists

by Press Release

Diving Bonito and the Pantanal

Diving the Pantanal in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul offers visitors the chance to see not only anacondas, but also a wild array of marine life.
by Chris Vyvyan-Robinson
southern channel islands kelp forest

Diving the Southern Channel Islands Kelp Forests

Excerpt: The southern Channel Islands kelp forests in California are a playground for divers. Here’s what you need to know to dip under the waves.
by Rebecca Strauss
help the ocean

Five Places Where You Can Help the Ocean While Traveling

If you’re an ocean lover and environmentalist, here are five places where you can help the ocean while traveling.
by Torben Lonne