Diving Ascent Methods
Training In the Water

Diving Ascent Methods and Decompression Stress

Ascending slowly from a dive to reduce the risk of DCS is a well-known practice. But exactly how does your ascent profile affect decompression stress?

Technical diving courses
Training In the Water

What Next After Your Technical Diving Courses?

Technical diving courses can be intense. There’s lots to learn and when you graduate, all that information is fresh in your mind. What’s next?

Places to Learn to Scuba Dive
Training Travel Dive Locations In the Water

Best Places to Learn to Scuba Dive

Some locations are more beginner friendly than others. What are the world’s best places to learn to scuba dive?

learning to scuba dive in fresh water
Training In the Water

Learning to Scuba Dive in Fresh Water

Learning to scuba dive in fresh water is more common than you may think. What are the pros and cons of certifying in this environment?

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Top Spots for Ice Diving

Five Top Spots for Ice Diving

With winter upon us, you may be considering a tropical dive vacation. But instead, don’t fight the cold and try one of our five top spots for ice diving.
by Yvonne Press
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Changes the Seascape in the Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma has changed the underwater landscape of the Florida Keys. But the reef ecosystem is beginning to recover — with a little help.
by Guest Author
Cocos Island

Diver Killed by Tiger Shark at Cocos Island

A tiger shark bit and killed a diver at Cocos Island on November 30, as well as injuring the instructor leading the dive.
by Rebecca Strauss
Day at Wakatobi

A Perfect Day at Wakatobi

A perfect day at Wakatobi starts and ends in your luxurious ocean bungalow, and in between, you’ll enjoy the best of the reef underwater and the best of the resort topside.
by Guest Author