Diving Awareness
Training New to Scuba In the Water

Diving Awareness: An Untaught Skill

Although it’s as fundamental as good buoyancy, diving awareness is rarely taught. Here’s what you need to know to keep track of yourself underwater.

Fears That Stop People from Scuba Diving
Training New to Scuba In the Water

Five Fears That Stop People from Scuba Diving

We’ve all heard people say they’re too afraid to try diving for a variety of reasons — claustrophobia, sharks, drowning — and maybe we felt that way too before we fell in love with the sport. Here’s how to address and overcome those fears.

Dive Travel Regrets
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Top Nine Dive Travel Regrets

As divers, we often seek out exotic locales around the world, but things can go wrong. Make every dive a good dive on your next trip by avoiding these top nine dive travel regrets.

Kids Build Confidence Through Scuba Diving
Training New to Scuba In the Water

Helping Kids Build Confidence Through Scuba Diving

 A child who’s a confident scuba diver can carry that self-assurance into several other aspects of his or her life including school, social interactions or other sports.

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More Than 2,000 Sharks Die in San Francisco Bay

Scientists are trying to explain a massive die-off of leopard sharks, Pacific angel sharks, and brown smooth-hound sharks in the San Francisco Bay.
by Thomas Gronfeldt
PADI specialties

Most Challenging PADI Specialties

Leaving your comfort zone (in gradual and controlled circumstances) can make you a better diver. What are the most challenging PADI specialties to help you grow?
by Andy Phillips
Ear Barotrauma

Training Fundamentals: Ear Barotrauma

The most common scuba diving-related injury is ear barotrauma. Why does it happen, and how can you avoid it?
by Marcus Knight
Spanish Dancer

Marine Species: Spanish Dancer

On a night dive in the tropical Pacific, you see what appears to be an animated vermillion dinner napkin convulsing wildly. Congratulations, you’ve spotted a Spanish dancer.
by Guest Author Christina Koukkos