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How Often Should You Scuba Dive?

If you’ve caught the diving bug, you likely want to get in the water every day. But if that isn’t an option, how often should you scuba dive to keep your skills fresh?

Scuba Diving Etiquette
New to Scuba Training

Training Fundamentals: Scuba Diving Etiquette

Scuba diving etiquette is important both underwater and topside to keep things flowing smoothly on a dive trip.

Communicating While Technical Diving
New to Scuba Training

Communicating While Technical Diving

Hand signals are an integral part of any diver’s skill set but communicating while technical diving can be a bit more intense. Here are a few tools for recreational divers to borrow.

Buddy System
New to Scuba Training

Training Fundamentals: Flaws in the Buddy System

From your first pool session, you learn the importance of having a dive buddy. But what are the flaws in the buddy system?

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Common Dolphin Species

Five Common Dolphin Species

Dolphins are among everyone’s favorite marine animals, living in all the world’s oceans. Here are five of the most common dolphin species
by Hélène Reynaud
Technical Diving

The ABCDs of Technical Diving

The foundational ABCDs of technical diving — Awareness, Buoyancy control, Communications and Discipline — are vitally important on every dive.
by Yvonne Press
Sea Star

Marine Species: Sea Star

It’s always exciting to find one while beach combing, but the question often arises: what’s the difference between a starfish and a sea star?
by Guest Author
Solo Diving

Do Solo Diving and Technical Diving Mix?

Mention solo diving to any group of divers and you’ll get a strong reaction. But what about solo diving and technical diving — do they ever mix? And if so, how do you stay safe?
by Yvonne Press