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Conservation Spotlight: Waste Free Oceans

In this series of articles, we’ll profile conservation organizations focused on ocean protection. Today we’re chatting with with Letitia Florea from Waste Free Oceans.

Underwater Art Campaign

Underwater Art Campaign Highlights Solutions to Ocean Acidification

A new underwater “ARTivism” campaign aims to highlight the dangers posed by — and solutions for — ocean acidification.


What You Can Do for Sharks

Conservation organization Oceana weighs in on essential legislation to end shark-fin importation in to the U.S — and how you can help.

Shark Conservation Groups
Conservation Marine Species

The Top 5 Shark Conservation Groups

There are many different ways you can help save the ocean’s apex predators. Here’s our list of five top shark conservation groups

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Top Five Short Liveaboard Trips

When you haven’t got that long to get away, a brief vacation can do wonders for your mental health. Here are our picks for the top five short liveaboard trips.
by Guest Author

Making Sense of Hyperbaric Chambers

Although hopefully you’ll never need to use one, here we’ll explain exactly what hyperbaric chambers are and how they work.
by Juanita Pienaar

Top Dive Sites in Lembeh: Critter Capital of the Dive World

Lembeh, Indonesia is world-famous for muck diving. Here are some of our picks for the top dive sites in this magical location, the critter capital of the dive world.
by Andy Phillips

Jellyfish of Australia

It’s not just the deadly box jelly when it comes to jellyfish of Australia — these waters are home to many amazing species. Watch out for both the deadly and delightful on your next dive Down Under.
by Matt Testoni