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SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro

The SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 5000 Underwater Camera Set

“The whole enchilada” or “lock, stock and barrel” are phrases that imply everything or pretty much everything, and that’s exactly what SeaLife had in mind with their new full-featured camera set, the SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 5000.

SeaLife Super Macro Lens
Photo Gear & Techniques

Capture Sharp Macro Photos and Videos with the SeaLife Super Macro Lens

With the SeaLife Micro cameras’ focus range of 12 inches to infinity, divers can effortlessly capture stunning HD details on their subjects as close as 3.5″ (9 cm) away.

Of Shark and Man

“Of Shark and Man” Nominated for Three Awards at Nice International Film Festival

Feature documentary recognized At the world-famous Nice International Film Festival

Photo Gear & Techniques

SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon 1500F Photo/Video Light

By mimicking natural daylight, this light is ideal for underwater still and video imaging.

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More Than 2,000 Sharks Die in San Francisco Bay

Scientists are trying to explain a massive die-off of leopard sharks, Pacific angel sharks, and brown smooth-hound sharks in the San Francisco Bay.
by Thomas Gronfeldt

TUSA Joins the Dive Computer “Elite Fleet” through Deepblu Connect

International scuba company TUSA has become the latest company to integrate Deepblu Connect to its flagship dive computer.
by Press Release

New Marine Parks Protect Enormous Part of Pacific

The nations of Niue and Chile combine to create vast marine protected areas in the Pacific
by Thomas Gronfeldt
Great Barrier Reef

Turtle Heaven on the Great Barrier Reef

A tiny dollop of sand measuring just 79 acres off the northeastern tip of Australia is home to one of the largest green turtle nesting sites in the world. Plan a visit with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.
by Guest Author