Matt Testoni

Matt Testoni

Matt Testoni is an underwater photograher/writer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about everything to do with the ocean and the creatures that call it home. It doesn't matter if the water is 4 degrees or 40 C, Matt is always excited and ready to jump in. After graduating university as a marine biologist and learning to dive in 2010, he became and instructor in 2014. Soon after, he bought his first camera and has never looked back since. Sharing the ocean and helping people understand how amazing and special it is drives him on a daily basis. Check out more of his work at his website:

Stories by Matt
Technical Divers
In the Water Training

Becoming a Cave Diver

Although the demands and dangers associated with cave diving are far greater than diving a tropical reef, the rewards can be just as great.

technical diving in Vanuatu
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Technical Diving in Vanuatu

Whether you’d like to learn or you’ve been diving this way for a while, the world of technical diving in Vanuatu has something for everyone.

Best Pier Dives
Dive Locations In the Water Travel

The World’s Best Pier Dives

Piers and jetties are home to a wide variety of marine life, and offer an exciting opportunity for underwater exploration. What are some of the best pier diving sites around the world?

discovering a new dive site
In the Water

Discovering a New Dive Site

There’s a bit of an explorer in all scuba divers, so discovering a new dive site can be a real treat. Here are our top tips for finding that next underwater gem.

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Buying Your First Scuba Diving BCD

You’ve taken the plunge (pun intended) and learned to dive, now it’s time to get your own equipment. Here are some considerations when it comes to buying your first scuba diving BCD.
by Torben Lonne
Diving British Columbia

A Survival Guide to Diving British Columbia

The water is cold but usually clear and filled with life when diving British Columbia. Here are some tips to make the experience even more enjoyable.
by Robert Osborne
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Buying Your First Scuba Diving Mask

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting your first scuba diving mask. Here’s a guide to help you with the process.
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Whites seahorse

Conservation in Lockdown: Sydney’s Seahorse Guardian

While Sydney was under COVID-19 lockdown, a group of aquarium-bred White’s seahorses was released into Sydney’s harbor.
by Deborah Dickson-Smith