Nudibranchs of Papua New Guinea


Unlike the common garden slug most of us encounter, the ocean’s version is much more pleasant to look at it.

by Dustin Adamson

Unlike the common garden slug most of us encounter, the ocean’s version is much more pleasant to look at it. Nudibranchs are a fascinating species that comes in all colors, shapes, sizes and textures. You can find nudibranchs as small as a grain of rice. Or as large as your arm! The colors they possess is really what makes them so beautiful to look at. In Papua New Guinea’s Milne Bay, you will find nudibranchs on every dive. Some more common species, and some that are very rare to see. Of course, having a good dive guide with excellent spotting skills is a must! Some of these are nice perched on out cropping of rock, or some, have somewhere to go….fast! They can crawl very quickly when they need to. And believe it or not, they can even swim by moving their body back and forth. This is however a rare thing to see. With this video, I hope you can gain an appreciation for how beautiful these creatures are.

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