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Diving in a Tidal Region
Training In the Water

Training Fundamentals: Diving in a Tidal Region

If you’re diving in a tidal region, you must take some time to plan your dive with a little more care.

dive boat leaves you behind
Training In the Water

What if the Dive Boat Leaves You Behind?

It’s every diver’s worst nightmare: you surface to find that the dive boat has left you behind. What should you do?

regulator free flows at depth

What if your regulator free flows at depth?

Although modern regulators are painstakingly designed to offer great reliability, sometimes things go wrong. What should you do if your regulator free-flows at depth?

PADI Discover Scuba Diving
Training In the Water

Teaching Your Kids to Dive: PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program

In the third of our series on dive programs for children, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program. 

New stuff

Beyond Borders: Sister Sanctuaries Work to Protect Endangered Whales

A new agreement between sister sanctuaries in Massachusetts and the Dutch Lesser Antilles strives to protect endangered humpback whales.
by Guest Author

PADI Women’s Dive Day with Rich Coast Diving

Celebrating PADI Women’s Dive Day with Rich Coast Diving in Costa Rica means good diving and great company
by Rebecca Strauss
Solomon Islands

WWII History is Alive in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a famed dive destination, partially for the World War II wrecks resting within its waters. But with the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal fast approaching, there’s plenty of history to see topside as well.
by Rebecca Strauss

PRODUCT RECALL: Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter and Suunto Tank POD

Suunto announces a recall of all Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs
by Press Release