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Top Wreck Diving Destinations

Accidental or intentional, wrecks hold an endless fascination for many of us. Here are the top destinations to get your wreck fix.

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For Love of Soft Corals

Some eat algae, some eat meat, others are even toxic, but all are beautiful. Take a brief look at a few of the many soft corals found across our oceans.

Sea stars
Marine Species Top 10s

What You Didn’t Know About Sea Stars

Few creatures are as iconic as sea stars. Jump in to learn a little more about these amazing marine animals and you might be surprised.

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Cool Underwater Statues You Must Visit

From a massive two-story Atlas to an incredible 500 piece underwater museum, here are the best statues we could find.

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Vobster Quay

Virgin Start-Up Backed Company Creating Artificial Reef at Vobster Quay

A Virgin Start-Up-backed company, ARC Marine, is creating an artificial reef at premier U.K. dive site Vobster Quay in 2017.
by Kathryn Curzon
using a compass underwater

Using a Compass Underwater

Many divers stop learning about underwater navigation after their first open-water course. But using a compass underwater properly is a vital skill.
by Marcus Knight
Snorkel When Scuba Diving

Should You Wear a Snorkel When Scuba Diving?

We’re not going to solve the age-old argument of whether you should wear a snorkel when scuba diving, but will offer a list of pros and cons to help you decide.
by Hélène Reynaud

Best Dive Sites in Scapa Flow

In the Scottish Highlands, a remote, sheltered stretch of water around the Orkney Islands is home to Scapa Flow, with some of the best dive sites in Britain.
by Guest Author Chris Vyvyan-Robinson