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Dive Site: Hebrides, Scotland

They’re the second largest fish in the sea, and equally as impressive as their more famous cousins, whale sharks. And yet, basking sharks remain something of a mystery, an oddity that most people will only ever see on television, if at all.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

Dive Site: Capo D’Acqua Lake, Italy

When the valley was flooded to create the lake, the factory remained above the water line, but the mills assumed new identities as complex, submerged ruins, ideally suited to scuba exploration.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

Destination Dahab

Dahab offers easy shore diving, with plentiful coral and fish life within a few breaths of your descent, but also provides sufficient depths for all levels.
by Trevor Sanford

5 Things To Do If Stung By A Jellyfish

Divers are unlikely to be harmed by a jellyfish sting, but it's always important to know what to do. Here are 5 things you must do to treat a jellyfish sting.
by Nadia Aly