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new diver to instructor

From a New Diver to an Instructor in Six Months: Pros and Cons

Progressing from a new diver to an instructor in six months is what’s known in the diving industry as going from a “zero to hero.” What are the pros and cons of this method of training?
by Guest Author
Wrist or Console Dive Computers

Wrist or Console Dive Computers

With so many choices on the market, which type of dive computer is right for you?
by Thomas Gronfeldt
SeaLife Macro Lens

Capture Sharp Macro Photos and Videos with the SeaLife Super Macro Lens

With the SeaLife Micro cameras' focus range of 12 inches to infinity, divers can effortlessly capture stunning HD details on their subjects as close as 3.5" (9 cm) away.
by Press Release

Marine Species: Clownfish

Made even more popular by the movie “Finding Nemo,” the iconic clownfish is one of the most frequently seen fish when diving in the Indo-Pacific and Red Sea. Although they’re quite common, they’re no less fascinating.
by Hélène Reynaud