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Top Five Underwater Macro Photography Subjects

Underwater macro photography has become more and more popular each year, as these easy to overlook creatures reveal stunning colors and shapes in miniature.
by Guest Author
poor air consumption when scuba diving

Addressing Poor Air Consumption when Scuba Diving: Part III

Some divers seem never to run low on air, while others struggle to stay down for 30 minutes. In this four-part series we’ll address how to fix poor air consumption.
by Guest Author
Galapagos Evolution Expedition

The Galapagos Evolution Expedition

Cressi is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and that called for something special. Follow along on the epic Galapagos Evolution expedition.
by News Release
hybrid shark discovered off australia

Hybrid Shark Discovered Off Australia

Researchers have found a new hybrid species of shark in Australian waters that may be better adapted to climate change
by Thomas Gronfeldt