Dive Lights
Aug 15

The World’s First Seawater Powered SWES Dive light


Electricity from Seawater The Sea Water Energy System technology is a new dimension in the field of alternative energy sources, it produces ready to use, clean and stable electric power... Read More

Mar 24

The Light & Motion GoBe Lights


Light and Motion has gone above and beyond with their new GoBe lights. The first thing I noticed about these lights was how small, yet powerful, they are. I can’t... Read More

Mar 19

Review: WiseDive Compact 1600


Can a compact dive light be both a primary and a backup dive light?   The Danish dive-torch brand WiseDive has been making waves with their compact, high performing dive... Read More

Aug 7

Wisedive Dive Torches, Perhaps the Brightest Dive Torches in the World.


Dive torches have come a long way since divers first took to the waters. The first dive torches were little more than flashlights wrapped in plastic bags (in fact, some... Read More

Mar 7

Reveal the Sea’s Lost Colors with a Dive Light


This is a Guest Post by Mike Ketcham The deeper you dive the darker it gets. Water absorbs sunlight, and greater depth equals less light. Seems pretty straightforward. What’s not so... Read More

Nov 30

Light & Motion SOLA 600P | Review


Have you heard about the Light and Motion SOLA 600P? Well, if you have any interest in taking pictures deep in the ocean, then you most certainly have. This completely... Read More

Oct 25

Halon Corsair Diving Tool- The Ultimate Scuba Diving Tool


Halon is a renowned whose business deals with innovative new products for all divers. Over the last few decades they have been operating their business with professionalism, honesty, faith and... Read More

Dec 16

Review of Light and Motion Sola Dive 1200


Light and Motion’s Sola Dive 1200 will be a single one of the tiniest, yet more powerful diving lights ever seen. This light provides a selection of flood or spot... Read More