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Scuba Cartoon - You Broke the Internet

This is the 46th of our scuba cartoon series by Jerry King. Let us know what you think and submit your own if you have any! Don’t forget to share with your diver friends!
by Nadia Aly

Why You Need to Visit Curaçao Now

Seated between Aruba and Bonaire, the island of Curacao is too often overlooked. Here's why that shouldn't be the case.
by Shelley Collett
Scuba diving equipment on the edge of a swimming pool.

Should Refresher Courses Be Compulsory?

Ultimately, should the responsibility for keeping up to date with developments in equipment and techniques remain with the diver?
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

The Ill-tempered Triggerfish

These guys stand out from the crowd for many reasons, not the least of which is their tendency to bite.
by Shelley Collett