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Review: Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer

This advanced tech-dive computer is rebreather compatible

Dive Computers Reviews

Just How Smart Is The Smart Console?

How many times have you tried and failed to get your buddy’s attention underwater? Most of the time it’s just to point out something of interest that they missed, but sometimes an inability to signal your buddy could be a matter of life or death.

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COP21, Paris climate talks

Paris Climate Talks Don't Mention the Ocean

Although more than 140 world leaders have converged in Paris for climate talks lasting two weeks, little is being said about the plight of the world's oceans.
by Rebecca Strauss

Six Incredible Marine Migrations

Of all these great journeys, those that take place at sea are often among the most spectacular. Here we take a look at six of the world’s most fascinating marine migrations.
by Jessica Macdonald
A huge Minke whale swims toward the Photographer. Australia. GBR.

Japan Plans to Resume Antarctic Whaling

With the traditional Antarctic whaling season fast approaching, conservationists are waiting to see whether Japan will make good threats to resume their annual whale hunt.
by Jessica Macdonald
New hope spot declared in Mediterranean

New Hope Spot Declared in Mediterranean

Environmentalist groups hope this will be springboard for increased marine protection in this biologically important area.
by Thomas Gronfeldt