Dive Computers
Jul 21

Just How Smart Is The Smart Console?

smart console

  How many times have you tried and failed to get your buddy’s attention underwater? Most of the time it’s just to point out something of interest that they missed,... Read More

May 7

Review: Oceanic OC1


The Oceanic OC1 is the first computer I’ve tried with so many advanced settings, functions and alarms. Despite some divers’ tendency not to read manuals (cough, cough), doing so is... Read More

Apr 9

Review: The Suunto D6i


Suunto’s D6i was designed with serious divers in mind. With it, you have access to four different dive modes, wireless air integration for air or nitrox, digital compass, and logbook.... Read More

Mar 4

The Suunto D4i Redesign


A stylish redesign combines with a streamlined interface to create a dive computer for everyone I’ve tried many different computers on my dive adventures, and Suunto remains my top choice.... Read More

Aug 19

Gear Review: Oceanic BUD


I have been diving with the Oceanic B.U.D .  (backup dive computer) for well over six months now and am very pleased with the device, which has already saved me on... Read More

May 9

Beginner Tips: The Importance of Dive Computers


During your open water certification you were taught how to use dive tables. Who here actually uses them each time they dive? *cue crickets* I realize a few of you... Read More

Feb 15

Oceanic Launches the New Pro Plus 3!


No more squinting. Oceanic believes that a dive computer should deliver crucial data quickly & without confusion. Hence why our new console dive computer Pro Plus 3 has a huge... Read More

Jan 20

Suunto Introduces the DX (D10) – The world’s first watch-size rebreather computer.


With their latest dive computer release, Suunto is tackling on the rebreather revolution with the world’s first watch-size rebreather compatible dive computer. This new support computer is capable of handling... Read More

Feb 8

SCUBAPRO introduces the MERIDIAN Dive Computer


SCUBAPRO introduces the MERIDIAN Watch Computer: a complete dive computer for freedom underwater and a multi-feature watch for timeless style on the surface. Meridian is the styling of a luxury wrist watch... Read More

Nov 22

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Dive Computer


“Before ATOMIC, there was no best in scuba diving,” says the slogan of Atomic Aquatics. And indeed it’s true when it comes to their Atomic Aquatics Range, which has been... Read More