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Great White Sharks
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A Country’s Protest: South Africa’s Paddle Out For Sharks

The Paddle Out For Sharks proves that statement to be true, showing how a grassroots protest in reaction to a single tragedy can grow into an international movement.

killer whale making a high jump
Marine Species News

New Hexacopter Footage Revolutionizes Orca Research

This first foray into using UAVs for orca research has shown the value of remote aerial observation when it comes to marine biology. As well as being able to determine the orcas’ condition, the research team gained rare insight into the private lives of the orca pods.


Divebooker & ScubaTribe Partner

It is easier than ever to choose your next diving destination online – Divebooker and ScubaTribe partnered up to provide verified reviews and help you make the right choice

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Save The Oceans, Wear Jeans

Dutch fashion brand launches clothing line made from reclaimed ocean plastic

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Great Dives in South Africa

In the region where the Atlantic and Indian oceans converge, scuba divers will find an adventurous and diverse diving experience amid the South African waters.
by Nadia Aly
Diver in front of bow of shipwreck

Dive Site: Halliburton Wreck, Utila, Honduras

For those who are planning a trip to Utila, make time to visit the Halliburton, whether for training purposes or simply for the sheer joy of discovering it for yourself.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

What You Need to Know About Diving in Florida

Florida is one of the world’s most popular and prosperous diving destinations. Here's what makes the Sunshine State a bright spot for divers.
by Nadia Aly

Dive Site: Crystal River, Florida

Once mistaken for mermaids by weary sailors under the influence of too much rum, manatees are amongst the most beloved of all marine mammals.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson