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Conservation News

Save The Oceans, Wear Jeans

Dutch fashion brand launches clothing line made from reclaimed ocean plastic


Could New Oxygen Storing Substance Change The Future Of Scuba?

A University of Southern Denmark research team has created a new material that’s being hailed by some as a potential game-changer for scuba.

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Conservation News

Indonesia Enforces New Manta Protection Law

On September 30th, the Indonesian government announced a series of arrests made between August 22nd and September 26th after the perpetrators in question were caught illegally trading in manta parts.

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World’s Deepest Pool A True Joy For Divers

The deep end of the pool just got a whole lot deeper with the opening of the Y-40 Deep Joy in September.

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12 Great Dive Sites in the Maldives

The island nation is one of the tiniest in the world and is famous for its white-sand beaches and spectacular diving. Here are some of the best diving spots.
by Nadia Aly
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Fact Or Fiction: The Search For Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis conjures fantastical images of underwater exploration, of a mythical people and a lost civilization, which over the centuries has become the stuff of legend.
by Jessica Shilling

Top 6 Dive Sites in the U.S.

The home of the brave is also home to adventurous divers looking for warm and cold water diving destinations. Here are six amazing U.S. dive sites.
by Nadia Aly
Rocks in a lake, Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Top 10 Freshwater Dive Sites

Diving doesn’t always have to be salty — these worldwide sites offer world-class freshwater scuba diving.
by Thomas Gronfeldt