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Lot of antique Roman coins.

Scuba Divers Discover Buried Treasure

Amateur scuba divers have found an enormous cache of gold coins off the Israeli coast


Prehistoric Forest Discovered By Divers Off English Coast

In this era of satellite imaging and Google Earth, it often seems as though possibilities for discovery no longer exist.


Florida Dive Center Accused Of Issuing Fake Certifications

It is essential to make sure your chosen dive center is a licensed member of a recognized teaching organization before signing up for one of their courses.

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Will This New Full-Face Mask Revolutionize Snorkeling?

The mask does away with the conventional snorkeling set-up of a separate mask and snorkel, instead combining the two in a futuristic design that covers the entire face.

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Sardine Run 2014

Sardine Run - Fast Food in South Africa

Where can you see sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, and penguins in a massive feeding frenzy? South Africa of course! Photos by Ken Knezick, Island Dreams
by Shelley Collett

Famous Female Divers: Becky Kagan Schott

Kagan Schott is an inspiration for every diver with aspirations of living a life less ordinary, male or female.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

Five Ways To Add Meaning To Your Diving

Diving is primarily fun — as it should be — but adding a purpose to your dives can give the experience a whole new dimension
by Thomas Gronfeldt
coral reef with octopus at the bottom of tropical sea

The Great Octopus

The more you learn about these clever masters of mimicry and camouflage, the more amazing they seem.
by Shelley Collett