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killer whale making a high jump
Marine Species News

New Hexacopter Footage Revolutionizes Orca Research

This first foray into using UAVs for orca research has shown the value of remote aerial observation when it comes to marine biology. As well as being able to determine the orcas’ condition, the research team gained rare insight into the private lives of the orca pods.


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Conservation News

Save The Oceans, Wear Jeans

Dutch fashion brand launches clothing line made from reclaimed ocean plastic


Could New Oxygen Storing Substance Change The Future Of Scuba?

A University of Southern Denmark research team has created a new material that’s being hailed by some as a potential game-changer for scuba.

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Volunteer with Kenna Eco Diving

Using transects at intervals around the bay, we hope to gain a detailed picture of the numbers and range of these elusive species in order to build a case for improved protection of their habitat.
by Guest Blogger
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The Ocean's Deepest Divers

In their journey for survival, these creatures of the sea can venture deep down underwater to incredible depths. Can you guess the animal in first place?
by Nadia Aly

Humpback Breeding Grounds of the Caribbean

Both the mother and calf passed by us at a distance of only a few feet, and we all floated at the surface in amazement as the pair swam by unfazed, continuing on through the shallow water as if we weren’t even there.
by Guest Blogger

Great Spots to Dive in Sweden

The Nordic country has a variety of diving opportunities, including wreck dives, ice dives, quarry, and cave dives within its Swedish waters. Take the time to explore. Jatte bra!
by Nadia Aly