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Diveboard Becomes The First Scuba Platform To Connect With Movescount

Big news for Suunto users – it’s now easier than ever to export your dives to Diveboard, the leading online platform for scuba divers.

Conservation News

Texas Announces Statewide Ban On Shark Fin

Hopefully, such action will inspire other states and nations to adopt a similar stance, and in so doing, help protect our oceans for the future.

Conservation News

Chinese Reclamation Project Destroying Coral Reefs

Tensions have intensified in recent weeks, after satellite images showed that China has already commenced major construction and land-reclamation projects on disputed land, despite the fact that the territory dispute is far from resolution.


World Record Broken For Longest Saltwater Scuba Dive

On June 6th, Egyptian diver Walaa Hafez emerged from the ocean victorious, having successfully broken the existing Guinness World Record for the Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive.

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The Cultural Lives Of Whales And Dolphins

In The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins, Whitehead and Rendell write that understanding cetacean culture will affect the way we view our responsibilities towards them.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson

Five Fascinating Deep Sea Creatures

Many of the most fascinating marine creatures live at extreme depths, where the darkness is absolute and the surrounding pressure is immense.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson
Diving baptism of a group of kids in a swimming pool, accompanied of them instructors.

Getting Your Flippers Wet

How to get started scuba diving
by Thomas Gronfeldt

Review: Diviac Digital Dive Log, Part III

Looking deeper into the Diviac suite, we review the mobile apps
by Thomas Gronfeldt