sister sanctuaries
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Sister Sanctuaries Work to Protect Endangered Whales

A new agreement between sister sanctuaries in Massachusetts and the Dutch Lesser Antilles strives to protect endangered humpback whales.

Sydney Shark Dives
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Top Sydney Shark Dives

Sydney shark dives offer divers the chance to see numerous species. And all they’ve got to do is walk into the water from the beach.

Cutest Underwater Animals
Marine Species In the Water

Ten Cutest Underwater Animals

Although it’s hard to narrow down the list, here are our picks (in no particular order) for the 10 cutest underwater animals.

ocean's smallest creatures
Marine Species In the Water

Eight of the Ocean’s Smallest Creatures

Although we often look for big animals when we go diving, the ocean’s smallest creatures deserve our attention as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

New stuff

Swimwear Recycled from the Sea

Fourth Element introduces OceanPositive 2017 swimwear collection, made from recycled ghost fishing nets.
by Press Release

The Wakatobi Resort Conservation Model

Wakatobi Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is dedicated to preserving the marine environment with the buy-in and participation of locals.
by Guest Author
Ocean Cleanup Array

Ocean Cleanup Array Still in Testing Phase

Inventor Boyan Slat made a splash when he introduced his Ocean Cleanup Array. Plans to launch a test unit were pushed from 2016 to the end of this year off the American west coast.
by Thomas Gronfeldt

Minke Magic with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Dwarf minke whales are seasonal visitors each winter on the northern Great Barrier Reef. Get up close and personal with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.
by Guest Author