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Amazing Humpback Encounter

The gentle-giant cliche is both apt and clearly evident in this amazing video.

Barracuda Myths
Marine Species

Common Barracuda Myths

As divers, we get asked all sorts of questions about what we see underwater and whether or not it’s dangerous, including the infamous barracuda. What’s the fact and what’s the fiction when it comes to this much mythologized fish?

Longest Living Sea Creatures
Marine Species In the Water

The Longest Living Sea Creatures

As humans, we’re incredibly lucky to hit 100 years of age. But that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the longest living sea creatures.

amazing crab species
Marine Species In the Water

Five Amazing Crab Species

As divers, we spend a lot of time chasing the ocean’s big thrills, but sometimes it’s worth it to take a look at the little guys, like these five amazing crab species.

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PADI Sold For $700 million USD

Certification giant PADI was sold for $700 million USD to a company called Mandarinfish Holding
by Trevor Sanford

SeaLife Introduces New DC2000 Sea Dragon Camera Sets

To complement the new DC2000, SeaLife has introduced three new camera and light sets, available at select SeaLife dealers.
by Press Release
Indonesia Pledges to Reduce Plastic Waste

Indonesia Pledges to Reduce Plastic Waste

In a bit of positive environmental news, Indonesia pledges to reduce plastic waste 70 percent by 2025.
by Kathryn Curzon
Shark Feeding Dives

Why I Participate in Shark Feeding Dives

The role of shark feeding dives in shark conservation is controversial. Here’s the perspective of one PADI pro who’s worked in the industry for years.
by Hayley-Jo Carr