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ocean-themed bath and body products

Ocean-Themed Bath and Body Products

Either as a treat to yourself or as the perfect holiday gift for the water-lover in your life, garner a little sea therapy with these ocean-themed bath and body products to soothe the diver soul.

Underwater Instagrammers
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Top 10 Underwater Instagrammers

The social-media explosion means our access to amazing underwater images has grown exponentially. Here are 10 of the best underwater Instagrammers you should be following right now.

Scuba Addict
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Top 10 Signs That You’re a Scuba Addict

So, diving has become your newfound passion, or has been a part of your life for years…no matter how long you’ve been diving, there are a few giveaways that tell the rest of the world the depth (pun intended) of your addiction.

Luxury in the Philippines
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An Atmosphere of Luxury in the Philippines

Begun with the goal to provide the best of everything in one place, Atmosphere Resorts in Dauin offers unequivocal luxury, but with a healthy dose of conscience.

New stuff

Original Wyland Tank Up for Auction

Renowned marine artist Wyland is auctioning off an original painted scuba tank, with the proceeds going to charity.
by Shelley Collett
new cressi gear

Top New Cressi Gear for 2017

Spring is here, and with it comes dive season for many of us. Top gear manufacturer Cressi has a ton of new offerings, and we’re highlighting six of the best.
by Thomas Gronfeldt

PADI Sold For $700 million USD

Certification giant PADI was sold for $700 million USD to a company called Mandarinfish Holding
by Trevor Sanford

SeaLife Introduces New DC2000 Sea Dragon Camera Sets

To complement the new DC2000, SeaLife has introduced three new camera and light sets, available at select SeaLife dealers.
by Press Release