Richard Devanney

Richard Devanney

Multi-agency Instructor

Richard Devanney is a PADI, SSI, BSAC and SDI instructor who teaches technical diving through TDI, SSI XR and PADI TecRec. He currently lives in Reykjavik, Iceland, and manages Dive Silfra, owned by parent company Arctic Adventures. He runs a Facebook technical diving page called Iceland Technical Diving. (Profile photo by Byron Conroy)

Stories by Richard
Cold-Water Scuba Diving
Training In the Water

Making the Transition to Cold-Water Scuba Diving

For tropical divers, the thought of diving in 50 F (10 C) waters may not be very appealing. But with much to see in colder seas, it may be time to try it out.

Keeping Your Dive Skills Fresh

Keeping Your Dive Skills Fresh

Being able to confidently undertake any of your dive skills makes you a good buddy and a safer diver. The only way to ensure competence is through regular practice.

nitrogen narcosis
Health In the Water

Recognizing and Addressing Nitrogen Narcosis

Anyone who has taken an advanced scuba course is familiar with the term “nitrogen narcosis,” but what exactly does it mean, and how can it affect you?

Technical Diving Myths
Training New to Scuba Tec Diving

Top Technical Diving Myths

For many divers, technical diving retains an aura of being overly complicated, dangerous and too difficult for the average person. But with proper preparation, it’s none of those things. Here we’ll address a few of the top technical diving myths.

New stuff

Macro Diving in Sydney Harbor

Although it’s most famous for the iconic Opera House, the macro diving in Sydney Harbor holds at least as much appeal underwater. 
by Guest Author

Cave Diving in Kilsby’s Sinkhole

Until 2016, cave diving in Kilsby’s Sinkhole in South Australia was strictly off limits to all but a few. The rules have since changed, but controversy still surrounds this remote dive site.
by Guest Author

Scuba Diving in Milne Bay

Scuba diving in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea takes some advanced planning, but the rewards are well worth it.
by Guest Author

What is the PADI Seal Team Program?

In the second of our series on dive programs for children, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the PADI Seal Team program.
by Christine Brinkley