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diving with a dive guide
Training In the Water

Diving with a Dive Guide

Many of us dive with well-known buddies or a dive group, but diving with a dive guide is always a good idea if you’re unfamiliar waters.

Underwater Structures
Shops & Resorts In the Water

Ten Amazing Underwater Structures

Many divers joke that they’d live underwater if they could. These 10 amazing underwater structures help water-lovers get closer to that reality.

Dive Boat
Travel In the Water

What to Bring on a Dive Boat

You’re about to go diving for the day — but what to bring on a dive boat? Here’s a list of absolute essentials when it comes to proper packing for a day on the water.

Longest Living Sea Creatures
Marine Species In the Water

The Longest Living Sea Creatures

As humans, we’re incredibly lucky to hit 100 years of age. But that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the longest living sea creatures.

New stuff
Vobster Quay

Virgin Start-Up Backed Company Creating Artificial Reef at Vobster Quay

A Virgin Start-Up-backed company, ARC Marine, is creating an artificial reef at premier U.K. dive site Vobster Quay in 2017.
by Kathryn Curzon

Best Dive Sites in Scapa Flow

In the Scottish Highlands, a remote, sheltered stretch of water around the Orkney Islands is home to Scapa Flow, with some of the best dive sites in Britain.
by Guest Author Chris Vyvyan-Robinson

Diving in Raja Ampat

The diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia is world-class, sustainable and — perhaps surprisingly — can be quite affordable.
by Andy Phillips

Surface Signaling for Scuba Divers

Getting someone’s attention underwater is a crucial safety skill. Here’s a roundup of the most common underwater signaling for scuba divers.
by Thomas Gronfeldt