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diving with a dive guide
Training In the Water

Diving with a Dive Guide

Many of us dive with well-known buddies or a dive group, but diving with a dive guide is always a good idea if you’re unfamiliar waters.

Underwater Structures
Shops & Resorts In the Water

Ten Amazing Underwater Structures

Many divers joke that they’d live underwater if they could. These 10 amazing underwater structures help water-lovers get closer to that reality.

Dive Boat
Travel In the Water

What to Bring on a Dive Boat

You’re about to go diving for the day — but what to bring on a dive boat? Here’s a list of absolute essentials when it comes to proper packing for a day on the water.

Longest Living Sea Creatures
Marine Species In the Water

The Longest Living Sea Creatures

As humans, we’re incredibly lucky to hit 100 years of age. But that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the longest living sea creatures.

New stuff

Coral Biology: Part I

It’s easy to think of corals as the background on your dives, but if you learn about coral biology, you’ll be amazed at the diversity in front of your eyes.
by Guest Author

Macro Diving in Sydney Harbor

Although it’s most famous for the iconic Opera House, the macro diving in Sydney Harbor holds at least as much appeal underwater. 
by Guest Author

Cave Diving in Kilsby’s Sinkhole

Until 2016, cave diving in Kilsby’s Sinkhole in South Australia was strictly off limits to all but a few. The rules have since changed, but controversy still surrounds this remote dive site.
by Guest Author

Scuba Diving in Milne Bay

Scuba diving in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea takes some advanced planning, but the rewards are well worth it.
by Guest Author