Technical and Recreational Dive Instructor

Dillon is a technical and recreational dive instructor, as well as a specialist on the dive industry and everything to do with it. Cold water diving is what keeps Dillon happy, but he focuses all of his skills into wreck diving. Keep up to date with Dillon's posts and contributions regarding any and everything to do with scuba diving.
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Jul 14



There are a few things that every scuba diver must have – A nice mask and snorkel and a good pair of quality fins. Having a good pair of fins... Read More

Jul 13

Suunto Movescount & Scuba Diving


New to the diving community is the revolutionary Suunto Movescount, a user friendly tool to share all of your sporting activities with the world.  Mainly this community has been used... Read More

Mar 1

5 iPhone Apps for Divers


5 iPhone Apps for divers by Russell Clark - Earth Periodical Magazine Avid diver? There's an App for that. In fact there are loads, we're going to take a look... Read More

Feb 22

Why YOU Should Go Tech


Why do you do technical diving? By Andrew Cavell - Yorkshire Rec + Tec I have often been asked by divers, “why do you do technical diving?” The response I... Read More

Feb 13

Technical Diver Training Blog (community.scubadiverlife.com)


One of our moderators will be taking their Technical Diving Course (PADI DSAT Tec 40 or TDI Advanced Nitrox) for the next few weeks. We will have blog post updates... Read More

Feb 8

Gear Talk: Diving Rite in Thailand


Diving Rite in Thailand By James Thornton-Allan from www.bigbluetech.net When you think of Thailand most people envision crystal clear water, colourful fish, spicy food and idyllic conditions for scuba diving.... Read More

Feb 8

Scuba Diving Koh Tao, Thailand

This could be YOUR classroom!

If any of our readers have been traveling south east Asia and not been to Koh Tao, you have missed out on a great experience. This little magical 22 square... Read More

Feb 5

Short Feature: Choosing a Good Dive Partner


Diving is a sport that involves a great deal of responsibility and the ability to have complete control over your mind and body. It also entertains a certain level of... Read More

Feb 5

What a Certification Should Mean to You!


What a certification should mean to you! There are many views on diving certifications; I don’t want to get into a controversial discussion about which agencies do what right or... Read More

Feb 3

Servicing Your Gear and Why It’s Important

The Result of Poor Service

First off, I would like to give you a short introduction to who I am, so that you’re not saying “Who’s this guy think he is, and why should I... Read More