Nov 13

Video Post: Discovering Cavern Diving in Cenote Mexico

By Nadia Aly CEO/Founder

Nadia is the CEO of . You can find her on Twitter at @DigiTalkVan or email her:

Scuba Diver Life ventured off to Mexico in August of 2011 to meet up with Dive Cooperative for our "Dream Extreme" trip and explore some of the best Diving that Mexico has to offer.

The first day of our trip we spent exploring the Reefs of Cozumel, click here to read more about Day 1. After spending a couple nights in Cozumel, we took off to the ferry to Play del Carmen and met up with Eduardo from Deep Live Divers. We loaded up our gear into his Van and were off to Cenote!

Upon arrival to Cenote, we unloaded our gear and received a debrief on the Cenote cave system. Make sure to bring bug spray... the mosquitos were out in full force!  After that we brought down all our gear and tanks to an entry point. We were then again debriefed on the systems and were numbered off into our dive order . They made sure that we understood our position and to never swim ahead of the person in front of you.

Cenotes is full of fresh water so the after jumping in we descended for about 5 minutes to check our buoyancy and get used to diving in Fresh Water. It's very important that you have good buoyancy control when diving in a cave or cavern system, you don't want to stir up any silt and disturb the visibility.

Entry Point into Cenote

Entry Point into Cenote

Here are some photos from the Cenote Trip. You can see the full album here on Facebook.



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