Sep 20

Book Your Dive & Scuba Diver Life – Team Up!

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Here at Book Your Dive, we are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information regarding SCUBA diving, dive sites, gear, techniques and tips, as well as all things involving our oceans. It is our intent to bring SCUBA divers together in a whole new community that is strengthened by our users. For dive shops, we offer the benefit of free advertising, and for divers, we offer comprehensive reviews and information about a variety of dive sites across the world. And we're about to get even better.

We are joining forces with the team at Scuba Diver Life in order to create an even larger network of divers and dive professionals from all around the globe. Scuba Diver Life is an established blog covering all aspects of SCUBA, with regular posts from our team members as well as guest posts. We are particularly enthusiastic about our guest posts because it gives the people who have information the opportunity to share it with the world. Book Your Dive and Scuba Diver Life are working together to make the SCUBA world more accessible to people everywhere, from experienced tech divers down to someone considering their first dive. Even if you have an idea for a post, let us know and we'll be happy to write an article on the subject!

The way it works is simple. You can read about dive sites, shops, and SCUBA-related topics on Scuba Diver Life, and then simply click the links to Book Your Dive to arrange a dive at any of the numerous sites offering their services through us. There is no cost to use the site for either SCUBA divers or dive shops. Dive shops that book confirmed guests through Book Your Dive are charged a small booking fee, but to list, to read, and to make a booking is entirely free. We intend to bring divers and dive shops together through the use of our simple, yet effective system.

So divers, we encourage you to express what you know about dive shops and locations. Take a few minutes to give a review of a dive shop, or send a blog post to Scuba Diver Life. Dive shops, take this free opportunity to reach out to a whole new set of potential customers by listing your business with Book Your Dive.

With the support of our fans, we are excited to bring the SCUBA community together in a whole new way!

Photos via fishpickdiver, USFWS Pacific, Serge Melki



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