Apr 15

Review: Sunnto D4 Wrist/Dive Computer

By Nadia Aly CEO/Founder

Nadia is the CEO of ScubaDiverLife.com . You can find her on Twitter at @DigiTalkVan or email her: Nadia@ScubaDiverLife.com

The Suunto D4 is the basic model in the D line series. This is a great dive computer for recreational and beginner divers. If you are more technical and dive multiple times a week, we would suggest stepping it up a little.

The computer automatically activates when you are in the water. You want to make sure that if you switch into Nitrox mode that you must make sure you set the appropriate settings for your next dive.  This is an important step you should take with any dive computer before a dive.

The major features of this dive computer are:

•    User-friendly design featuring easy-to-read matrix display
•    Three dive modes, including dedicated freedive mode,
•    Continuous decompression with the Suunto RGBM algorithm
•    Built-in dive planner for planning upcoming dives
•    Optional PC interface for detailed graphical logbooks and dive data analysis
•    Selection of optional colorful straps available

Make sure you are comfortable with the display as it is quite smaller than other dive computers.  The Suunto D4 is a great first dive computer, one major difference than the models that sit up this model are that the computer does not offer any sort of navigation. This is why it makes a great watch for someone who is just getting into scuba diving or a recreational diver.

Personally, I have been using this watch for my dives and love it! I will definitely upgrade to a model with navigation when the time is right! Your dive computer should be one of your first purchases when you get into scuba diving. You are more aware when you are on your dives and know what’s going on with you as a diver.

You are never going to have a dive that is the same as an instructor or dive guide. You want to make sure you can take care of yourself when below the surface, and knowing YOUR depth and YOUR bottom time etc... it is very important.

Make sure you keep your receipt, like most dive watches you may need to get something fixed. In order to replace the battery on this watch you must send it to the factory, one can not do this task themselves.

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