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Scuba Destination – Kona, Hawaii

By Nadia Aly CEO/Founder

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Kona Hawaii is blessed with a lot of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the state. There's lots of great snorkeling and lots of people love it.

The underwater world off the Big Island's Kona Coast is known as a premier destination for scuba divers. And why not? Its calm, crystal clear water, protected from standard trade-wind patterns by two sprawling mountain masses, often allow visibility in excess of 100 feet making the view of the spectacular marine landscape and its teeming sea life a diver's dream.

I hope the following will help people who intend scuba diving off the Big Island of Hawai'i (which a lot of people confuse with O'ahu, the island where Honolulu and Waikiki are). The Kona (leeward) coast of the Big Island is a great place to dive. It has lots of days of warm, fine weather, with calm water and good visibility. As well as the boat diving, there are many places where you can go shore diving. The best time for diving is Spring through Fall, when you are less likely to be affected by big surf. The shore is rockier than Maui, so entry points can be harder to find, but the underwater scenery and wildlife are very rewarding.

Some popular dive spots:

Horseshoe Bay 60ft / 18m
Frog Rock 60ft / 18m
Waialea Bay 35ft / 11m
Puako 90ft / 27m
Ruddles 45ft / 14m
Pentagon 30ft / 9m
Kiholo Bay 115ft / 15m
Ledges 130ft / 40m
Makalawena 50ft / 15m
Mahai'ula 130ft / 40m
Pinetrees 100ft / 33m
Golden Arches 60ft / 18m
Suck-em-Up Caverns 60ft / 18m
Turtle Pinnacle 60ft / 18m
Kaiwi Point 130ft / 40m
Old Airport 60ft / 18m
Milemarker 4 60ft / 18m

Charters & Commercial Guides

Dive Makai Charters
PO Box 2955
Hawaii 96745
Tel: (808) 329-2025
Home Page:
Dive Makai Charters are a smaller company offering a more personalised service. Their boat goes out from Kailua Pier. Nice people.

Jack's Diving Locker
Ali'i Drive
Hawaii 96740
Tel.: (808) 329-7585
Home Page:
Training: NAUI, PADI

Kohala Divers Ltd.
Kawaihae Shopping Center
PO Box 44940
Hawaii 96743
Tel.: (808) 882-7774
Fax: (808) 882-1536
Home page:
Training: PADI

Kona Coast Divers
75-5614 Palani Road (Located at the Light House)
Hawaii 96740
Tel.: (808) 329-8802
Home page:
Training: NAUI, PADI

Kona Honu Divers
Tel (808) 324-HONU (4668) for information
For Reservations only call (888) 333-HONU (4668)
They say that they are a "family oriented dive/ snorkel/ SNUBA and sight-seeing operation, catering to individuals and mainland dive clubs."

Mauna Kea Divers
61-3616 Kawaihae Road
Hawaii 96743-9721
Tel.: (808) 882-1544
Home page:

Sandwich Isle Divers
Hawaii 96740
Tel.: (808) 329-9188

Underwater Hawaii
PO Box 2105
Hawaii 96745
Tel.: (808) 334-1360
Mobile: 938-1209

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